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Font Optimization

Next.js supports built-in web font optimization to inline font CSS. Learn more here.


Learn about the Next.js Compiler, written in Rust, which transforms and minifies your Next.js application.

Custom layout

Learn how to share components and state between Next.js pages with Layouts.

Rust Is The Future of JavaScript Infrastructure

Why is Rust being used to replace parts of the JavaScript web ecosystem like minification (Terser), transpilation (Babel), formatting (Prettier), bundling (webpack), linting (ESLint), and more?

Everything I Know About Style Guides, Design Systems, and Component Libraries

A deep-dive on everything I've learned in the past year building style guides, design systems, component libraries, and their best practices.

TypeScript support

Next.js supports TypeScript by default and has built-in types for pages and the API. You can get started with TypeScript in Next.js here.
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